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Branding: FreshFest
The Client:

"FreshFest is an inner-city food festival aimed at promoting healthy eating among young people.

The project is being organised by students at Liverpool University and is scheduled to take place in the Summer of 2012."

This is a non-live event, created as a university project. However, if enough interest can be created, it may go live this Summer.

As FreshFest is not yet a live event I took on this job as a pro-bono project, with a view to helping out a group of keen business students. I wish them the best of luck with their studies and I hope they remember me when they are controlling large design and marketing budgets!

  The Project:

Where else could you go with this kind of brief, other than citrus colours and a bright, positive image. The branding is inspired by retro fruit juce cartons from the 70s and 80s.







The Real People   Levenshulme Inspire   Student Survival Guide

The Real People

Legendary indie band The Real People are back with a brand new line-up and a great new album. They needed a brand that would reflect their roots, their influences and their attitude.

I gave them a beaten up mod-inspired logo before designing the official band website and merchandise.

Levenshulme Inspire

The United Reformed Church in Levenshulme, Manchester has been transformed into an exciting and inclusive community resource. I created a positive, feel-good brand to reflect the client's values.

I also designed the centre's signage, merchandise and all the pre-launch printed media.

Student Survival Guide

This is an essential piece of kit for any new student arriving in Liverpool. I gave this publication a distinctive, urban identity that has already proved to be popular with the target market.

I also created the Student Survival Property Guide for this client, using the main brand as a starting point.

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Lycoplus Extra   Steven Mears Group   Right Path

Lycoplus Extra

This client required a retail brand for their health-giving product, which contains tomato lycopene.

I used the tomato as a starting point and created a brand with a fresh feel that makes Lycoplus Extra stand out from their competitors on the supermarket shelves.

Steven Mears Group

The Steven Mears Group is a family run group of companies servicing the funeral business. They needed a brand that could bring together the various arms of the organisation, from flowers to international repatriation.

They chose a simple, elegant rose design and a bold colour scheme.

Right Path

Right Path is a range of fun, engaging resources and activities for students, teaching staff and anyone who supports students’ learning.

I gave the brand a road sign theme, reflecting the idea that the students are embarking on an educational journey.

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Birmingham Imbibers   Resource Development Centre   NUPG

Birmingham Imbibers

This client was looking for a brand that would convey the fun that can be had spending your time tasting, learning about and generally enjoying good wine.

I chose a deep red colour scheme and an informal, faux-classical font, along with a wine stain motif that can be applied across a wide range of media.


Resource Development Centre

The Resource Development Centre specialise in sales and negotiation training, at the highest level. They are well-respected and have a number of blue chip clients in their portfolio.

They needed to refresh their identity with a new brand, colour scheme and website. I also provided a range of printed media.



The Northern Underwater Photography Group is, as you might expect, a group of photographers who get together to share their interest in all things aquatic.

I provided a website that could be easily managed by group members and a fresh logo, inspired by the shape of a camera lens, that gives the group a real identity.

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